Company profile


VALMAKS d.o.o. was founded in 2011. Our business spreads in several directions:

  • Sales of heating equipment
  • Sales of air conditioning equipment
  • Sales of industrial reinforced steel
  • Sales of plumbing installations

Flexibility, the main business philosophy aimed toward fulfilling clients' needs, outstanding value for money of available equipment, perfect technical support, quality guarantees, precision in fulfilling tasks, global solutions, and speedy deliveries and just some of the reasons which will make us the leaders in domestic and regional markets in our sphere of business.


Our vision is to make Valmaks the leader in domestic and regional markets, with a significant contribution to the well-being and economic prosperity of our society.

On our path towards this vision, Valmaks remains open for ones that know more and aim higher.


Our main goal is to outperform the competition through a top organization, professionalism, high-end technology, and quality.

Also, we aim to build a company of proud, loyal employees and create conditions for their steady improvement and promotion.