PiP Airaga C0164

model C0164

PiP Airaga C0164

The Airaga Rubinetterie Spa produces and tests valves ball series CO164 in according to a quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. They are used mainly in : heating,sanitary,hydraulc,pneumatic,petrochemical plants,compressed air,industrial and aqricultural applications in the presence of non corrosive fluids.

Direttiva 2014/68/UE:it's CE marking-free as per Art.4.3.

  • Bodyhot moulded from EN12165 CW617N bar, yellow

  • Gland and stem: worked from EN12164 CW617N bar

  • Ball:turned from EN12164 CW617N bar,diamond and chrome plated

  • Ball gasketsP.T.F.E

  • Stem gasketsO-Rings NBR 70

  • Operating leverABS material

  • Screw:worked from CW617N bar

  • Hose union tail:worked from EN12164 CW617N bar + rubber NBR 70 seal

  • Plug with packing:hot moulded from EN12165 CW617N bar+ rubber NBR 70 seal

  • Chain:rubber

  • Threaded connections:UNI ISO 228/1 threads

  • Seal for threads:"Loctite" type anaerobic adhesive

  • External treatment:sandblasted yellow surface

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C0164040501 Kugla ventil Airaga model C0164 1/2X3/4 PiP --


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