Regulator diferencijalnog pritiska prirubnicki

Hydromat DFC

Regulator diferencijalnog pritiska prirubnicki

General information:

The Oventrop differential pressure regulators “Hydromat DFC” are proportional regulators working without auxiliary energy and are designed to maintain a constant differential pressure within a necessary proportional band.
With the differential pressure in the installation increasing, the valve disc closes down and opens as the differential pressure falls. The excess differential pressure is reduced by the differential pressure regulator, until the set differential pressure in the riser is reached.

Šifra Kod proizvođača Naziv MP cena R Poruči
1064651 1064651 Hydromat DFC DN 65 --
1064652 1064652 Hydromat DFC DN 80 --
1064653 1064653 Hydromat DFC DN 100 --
1064654 1064654 Hydromat DFC DN 125 --
1064655 1064655 Hydromat DFC DN 150 --


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